About MnG

All students at The Game Assembly finish off their education with a 6 month long, mandatory internship course. This is when they take everything they’ve learnt during the last 2 years, and put it into practice at a games company.

Our aim is to give the students the best possible chance to show off their portfolios and let the industry get to know them a little bit better. This is why we arrange Meet and Greet every year, and give all game companies an opportunity to meet and talk to our students. More than 80% of the students find their perfect match with a company at this event!

As a company, you can expect a pretty scrubby table and a few chairs. It’s up to you to pimp your station and get ready for meeting all the students. It’s really them and their knowledge, creativity and smartness that is the main focus of the day!

A way of helping our students to focus on their school work is to ask all companies to wait until Meet and Greet before they contact the students and start discussing internships. This is simply a way of letting them become as good game developers as possible.

If you as a company would like to tell us more about what you’re doing, you’re more than welcome to offer our students a guest lecture, a workshop etc. Just let us now!


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