And we have a date!

In 2017, The Game Assembly are happy to invite you to another edition of our fantastic Meet and Greet! On April 26th you’ll get the chance to meet all our students looking for internships, and find your perfect match among them.

We’ll post more updates as soon as we’ve got more to tell you – just make sure to save the date!

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Thank you!

Everyone here at The Game Assembly are extremely happy about yesterday’s Meet and Greet. So a great big thank you to everyone who showed up! Keep an eye on our Facebook-page for pictures.

See you again next year!

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The portfolios are up!

All our students looking for internships have published their portfolios. You can find them here:

Game Art

Game Programming

Level Design

And a friendly reminder – as a way of helping our students to focus on their school work we’re asking all companies to wait until Meet and Greet before they contact the students and start discussing internships.

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Details, details, details

Finally, we have some more details to share with you on our upcoming Meet and Greet!

Date: April 27th
Time: 10 am – 6 pm: professional behaviour required / 6 pm – late: let your hair down

Location: Bassängkajen 8, Malmö, map can be found here


10 am – Doors open for all companies. Time to prepare your station.
11 am – Short information on what’s expected from companies and students during the internship
11.30 am – Light lunch
12 pm – 6 pm – Networking
6 pm til late – Food and drinks
During the afternoon the gems at King will provide us with real coffee and sweetness in all forms and shapes.
Our dear friends at Massive – a Ubisoft studio will treat us all to food and beer (or any other beverage) during the evening. We look forward to seeing you all hanging around for some catching up and good laughs!
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Hello 2016 – we are ready!

The date for Meet and Greet 2016 is confirmed. Make sure to be with us in Malmö on April 27th. Our students will be ready to show off their skills and matches made in heaven should be expected!

The registration is open!

If you want any information, story contact Heidi at heidi(at)

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Meet and Greet 2015 – what a success!

Thank you all for taking part in this year’s edition of Meet and Greet. More than 40 companies showed up, and all of us at The Game Assembly are overwhelmed with your enthusiasm and all the feedback you gave our students!

Good luck to the lucky ones who ended up with a The Game Assembly-intern. And we’re looking forward to seeing you all in Malmö again next year.

Curious of what it looked like? Here’s all the pics!





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Thank you!

We’re back! A big thank you to everyone who participated in Meet and Greet last week. It was a great day for our students, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Right now, we are able to start thinking ahead again. Let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve Meet and Greet in 2015. Any other comments or questions are welcome as well! Just e-mail us at

Click here, for a bunch of pictures from the event.


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Almost there!

On Tuesday it’s on – Meet and Greet at The Game Assembly!

Here’s a few updates and things that might come in handy.
The portfolios are ready, and show the best and latest work of our students looking for internships. You can find them on the links below:

Game Art 12
Game Programming 12
Level Design 12
Technical Artist 13

Here’s a few words on what it means for you as a company to take on a student as a trainee.

  • The aim of the internship is to convert the student’s theoretical knowledge into practice.
  • Clear objectives are set between the student and the company before the internship starts.
  • The company is responsible for providing a supervisor, a workplace, hardware and software.
  • The student functions as any other employee during the internship, when it comes to following processes, routines, working hours, NDAs etc.
  • The Game Assembly will contact the company during the internship period to set up interviews with both the student and the supervisor. This is to make sure that everybody is satisfied with the cooperation.
  • All students start their internship on September 1st 2014 and end it on April 10th 2015. The only exception to this is our Technical Artist-students who start their internship on September 1st 2014, and end it on January 30th 2015.

See you all on Tuesday!

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First batch of portfolios ready!

Our level design students have published their portfolios. Have a look at all of them here.

Soon you’ll be able to see the game art, game programming and technical artist students’ portfolios as well. The students are finishing them as we speak, at the same time as their 7th game project is in the making.

All games are produced cross disciplinary, and the teams act as their own game studios. Follow their work at their respective Facebook-pages:

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Companies that attended Meet and Greet in 2013

Last year, Meet and Greet was a big success, with more than 30 companies attending. Below is a list of them. Make sure to register and be a part of Meet and Greet 2014!

Fatshark (SE)
Bitsquid (SE)
PortaPlay (DK)
Big Bite Games (DK)
Expansive Worlds (SE)
Remedy Entertainment (FI)
Massive Entertainment – A Ubisoft Studio (SE)
Southend Interactive (SE)
Io-Interactive (DK)
Full Control (DK)
Easy (SE)
Defrost Games (SE)
King (SE)
Serious Games Interactive (DK)
Avalanche Studios (SE)
Red Zebra Games (DK)
Rovio (FI/SE)
Mediocre Games (SE)
Paradox South (SE)
Stage IT (SE)
Ozma (SE)
Tarsier Studios (SE)
12 O’clock Studios (SE)
Redikod (SE)
Frictional Games (SE)
Visual Dreams (SE)
Space Time Foam (DK)
Coffee Stain Studios (SE)
Image & Form (SE)


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